Staycation at the Presidio 

We checked into the Inn at the Presidio and were reminded of how many things there are to do on-property.  In addition to relaxing, I took the opportunity to interview a few people from the Presidio to get you in the mood.  

Joshua Steinberger, Chief of Strategy and Communications, the Presidio Trust

•  New Visitors Center, Family Activities, Museums, Restaurants and access to this magnificent park for the visitor and the Bay Area locals.

Terry Haney, General Manager, The Inn at the Presidio

•   Creating a modern experience in an historic property

•    Chef Traci Des Jardins and her team of talented chefs and managers have worked tirelessly to create these restaurants on the historic presidio.  It is because of her dedication to the craft and respect of a sense of place they are able to thrive.  The team is dedicated to California cuisine in all of its delicious incarnations.

 Chef Robbie Lewis, The Commissary, Arguello, and Transit

 Chef Rogelio Garcia, Chef of the Commissary SF and 

•    Open Kitchen Series (beginning February 6th)  A must-do for the local who LOVES the Commissary and wants to be more involved.   

On the way back to San Francisco, after a particularly grueling trip north, we were diverted into the Presidio because of a traffic incident.  Little did I know, this short moment would turn into an evening of hilarity and a relationship that would grow over time. 

We had spent hours on the road, I was feeling tired and frustrated and my rear-end had fallen asleep; all I wanted to do was get out of the car and jump around.  We noticed a bowling alley, and a parking lot and I was in.  For the next three hours, we played Oasis on the jukebox and bowled (poorly) while we laughed and recovered from the drive.

The Presidio has changed dramatically over these past few years.  It is easier to navigate, has more to offer and is incredibly welcoming to the visitor and the local.  In fact, it is actually growing.  By creating green space over the roadway that once sliced the Presidio, they have added fifteen acres of parkland and will reunite the parade grounds with the bay. 

During the warmer months, you can meet up with hundreds of people on the parade grounds for the Sunday Presidio Picnic, replete with families and new friends.  There are museums including the Walt Disney Family Museum and The Officers Club, free concerts, hiking trails, beautiful vistas and much more.

Not only is this is a must-do adventure when we have guests visiting from out of town, but a meeting point for locals as well.  Certainly, there is parking (and not terribly expensive) but there is public transportation, the presidio shuttle and with the ubiquity of car services, a group of friends can meet up, have a great time for an afternoon or evening and go on their way with ease.

I am an eater, I often meet friends at Arguello for a fantastic cocktail and a casual bite. When having a more intimate experience, we like to call up Tessa and see if there are seats available at the kitchen counter of The Commissary where there is always action, something new, and good people around. 

This great big park, home to about 1500 acres of usable land, is an enormous part of our city.  In fact, the presidio itself is home to a number of residents.  The Presidio Trust has revitalized many of the former base’s housing units for residents of the City and County of San Francisco.  Imagine, living in a national park?  The Presidio is also home to small and large businesses, The Inn at the Presidio (and intimate hotel), and a number of other dining establishments.

As a matter of fact, both the Presidio Social Club and Sessions at the Presidio have special programs for the resident and visitor alike.

Check out for information about the “Battle of the Guilds”, and enjoy expert beer enthusiast, educator and all around amazing personality Leslie Sbrocco and her “Sipping Smarts” wine and beer pairing event on February 25th. 

Small expression of what you might taste when you visit The Commissary SF 

Pastry Prep at The Commissary SF 

The Presidio is a dream for the photographer, I hopped out of the car and snaped this photo on my iPhone! 

Black Truffles and house made pasta at The Commissary SF 

About the Presidio and the Presidio Trust

(Taken verbatim from the official website)

The Presidio is a new kind of national park located at San Francisco’s Golden Gate. Once a legendary U.S. Army post, the park now offers world-class museums and restaurants, 24 miles of hiking trails and scenic overlooks with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s city skyline, the Pacific Ocean, and the San Francisco Bay. The Presidio offers free public programs and events, a public golf course, the world-class Inn at the Presidio and the Presidio Officers’ Club, San Francisco's most historic building. A wide range of recreation, wellness, and dining options are also provided by the Presidio’s 200 tenants. The Presidio is managed by the Presidio Trust (Trust), a unique federal agency created in 1998 to save the Presidio and transform it into a national park. The Trust generates revenue for the park through rehabilitating and leasing historic buildings and now operates the Presidio without taxpayer support. In 2015 The Presidio was recognized as a top destination by National Geographic Traveler’s magazine “Best of the World” list. To learn more please visit