Jardesca and Shed

Shining moments in Sonoma County 


 The catalyst for my journey was to check out Jardesca, the locally produced aperitif that celebrates the Northern California experience.  Jardesca is a bright, light beverage with a herbaceous quality lending itself to a pre-dinner sip or afternoon meze style experience.  I can imagine sipping Jardesca while putting the final touches on a charcuterie plate replete with warm briny olives and French radishes with salty butter.  It would also lend itself to a sunset accompanied by almonds and walnuts ready for cracking. 

In addition to tasting and chatting with Marshall Dawson, the co-founder of Jardesca, we took the opportunity to enjoy the menu of Perry Hoffmann, Chef of Shed in Healdsburg.  Shed embodies the Sonoma County style, a community meeting place where you can enjoy local produce (even in the winter).  The menu included Cured Meats, olives, cheeses from Sonoma, Marin and beyond, plus wines, beer, fermented beverages and of course, the aforementioned Jardesca.  The shop has a significant collection of crafts and tools for the garden and outdoor expert and lover. 

I strongly suggest a visit to Healdsburg CA.  Stay in a beautiful hotel, a B&B or cottage, wander the square, sample what the town has to offer. 

In addition, pick up a bottle of Jardesca from your local retailer, or order one at Shed.  Who know, you might even be there from a charcuterie or pickling class of your own.  


For more information on how to enjoy the Jardesca aperitif visit www.Jardesca.com

To visit Shed in Healdsburg for lunch, dinner, a coffee or one of their marvelous classes visit www.Healdsburgshed.com

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A New Year brings with it new tastes and a commitment to spending more time with friends and family.  On this, we had a leisurely visit to Healdsburg in Sonoma County.  Healdsburg is a town with delicious food and marvelous shopping tucked in the middle of glorious wine country.  Hotels, Restaurants, and Wineries abound, all punctuated by well-appointed retailers and friendly local residents.  While in town, I stopped by Shed, an area meeting point for visitors and residents alike.  My interviews with Marshall Dawson of Jardesca and Chef Perry Hoffman are linked below.  Enjoy!