Anchor Distilling, A Crafty Craft Spirits Companty 

Joel Riddell joins Dennis Carr and Bruce Joseph of Anchor Distilling Company to discuss Gin, Whiskey, and the craft movement.

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Anchor Distilling Company

1705 Mariposa Street

San Francisco CA 94107

To book an appointment for a roof-top tasting with friends online, visit

Find the products of Anchor Distilling Company across the bay area and the nation at fine retailers, on the shelves of wonderful bars.  If you are traveling, a bottle of Anchor Distilling Whiskey makes an amazing gift …much better than some stupid t-shirt.

Visit Anchor Distilling Company (by appointment only) with friends for a tasting in their roof-top lounge, or borrow the space to impress your friends and colleagues

Anchor Distilling Company

In a time when we are often looking for the next local thing, a cool story with gravitas and something we can discover and share with friends, it is good to be reminded of the pioneers.


Such pioneers are opening their doors to show

Kind of like a Willy Wonka moment, without the obnoxious children or lessons, Anchor distilling has opened their doors to welcome lovers of their products, and their friends for an experience going farther than the normal tasting room experience.  You don’t have to drive (or be driven) to one of our various wonderful wine regions, but a quick trip up Potrero Hill to discover for yourselves what it is to be a part of Anchor distilling.


From long-time makers of blue cheese Fritz Maytag moved west and revived a brewery long in disrepair.  From Beer to Whiskey and Whiskey to other spirits the company has embraced craft, quality, and community together.


Now under the guidance of CEO Dennis Carr and Head Distiller Bruce Joseph, Anchor Distilling Company has paved the gravel and calmed the seas for others to follow. 


This year marked the 20th anniversary of Junipero Gin.  In celebration, let's all raise a glass of and beer, to whiskey! 


Products include;

Old Potrero Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey

Old Potrero 18th Century Style Whiskey

Old Potrero Single Malt Hotaling’s Whiskey

Junípero Gin

Old Tom Gin


Anchor's Brewery Neighbor 

Old Potrero, about to be consumed! 

Junipero Gin, 20th Anniversary